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Is this you?

Once upon a time, you hired a website designer and they built you a huge, beautiful site.

You loved it!

It did everything it needed to do when it was built. But now it’s looking a little old. It needs a pick-me-up. You’re in luck because that’s our favorite thing to do; breathing new life into something that works, but could always be better.

Everything deserves a chance to be better.

And this is us


Brightstocking is a women-run digital strategies studio that helps companies holistically streamline their digital presence. We take all the moving, messy parts of marketing and make it work.

Meet Ashley  |  Meet Beegee


We are do-gooder nerds who believe in non-profits. We believe in museums. In libraries. In art and science and all the stuff that brings life to a community.


Digital work can be sticky and tricky; Are you doing your socials right? Does anyone? Check the data. (Too late, Ashley already checked it for you. She’s got the numbers right here).


Whenever you feel like your brand needs to grow wings and fly. You have better things to do than update font colors, babysit your Instagram account, or build a booking funnel to increase sales. You know it's time, but you don't have the time to start.


We live in a small town but we aren’t small town people. We have lived and traveled all over the world. We know the power of expanding your horizons, trying new things, checking your work, getting it right and making a positive impact on the world. We know you feel the same or you wouldn’t be doing the work you do.

Sure, we do that.



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Ashley Trexler
Marketing Strategy

The Brightstocking Team

We work fast.

We work as a team.

We work until it’s done.

We might be just your type.

Ashley Trexler

The Type A 

Beegee Tolpa

The Typographer

A Win-Win

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