9 Awesome Free Spirit Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Free Spirit Characteristics or Creativity?

Realizing you have free spirit characteristics is something you know about yourself by now. But what does that mean for your career?

Years ago, I accepted a “dream” job where they paid me to travel for weeks out of the year. We worked in our small, friendly little office the rest of the time, a bike ride from home. I made good money, didn’t work late, enjoyed what I did — life was good. 

A few months in, I started rowing on the river at dawn with a co-worker, heading into work right after. Because of the tides and season, we ended up settling in to work about 15 minutes after the “official” start time. The boss ignored it for a few weeks, but finally told us:

The Problem

It's hard to know if running your own business as a free spirit is a good move — or a terrible one. The good news is free spirit characteristics can help your business thrive if you use them the right way!

The Talk

Boss: Work starts at 8. No more being late.

Me: Right, we should have talked about this weeks ago. I apologize, and we weren’t trying to negate our work. But no one EVER calls before 9 and we always make up the time. Could we officially start 15 minutes later and stay later?

Boss: No. Work starts at 8. 

Me: Right, I get that. But my colleague and I get a lot of mental and physical health benefits from rowing, plus we’re finally(!) bonding. And if we can’t have that 15 minutes of flexibility, we can’t row anymore. Surely we can make this work? 

Boss: No. Work starts at 8. 

Me: Fine. *enter passive aggressive anger here*

I didn’t last much longer. My heart and soul checked out the minute an arbitrary and pointless rule was thrust upon me so someone else could keep the status quo.

And that’s when I realized: 

Working for myself in the future wasn’t going to work — it had to happen now. 

9 Free Spirit Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Looking back, the free spirit characteristics of someone meant to be an entrepreneur were all there. It just took some time to figure it out. 

So, do any of these connect with you?

It’s Not About The Money (At First... Well, Ever)

 Money is basically NEVER your primary motivation. Sure, you could always use more of it, and it’s annoying to have a business that doesn’t make enough of it, but you don’t really need it. Live in a van, down by the river? Sure, I can do that. 

You’re A People Connector

Are you the person saying, “Oh, you two need to meet!” and “Here, call [insert person or business]. They’ll know precisely how to help you.” Free spirit characteristics of successful entrepreneurs include being social masters, though they rarely think they are. If people regularly thank you for the connection suggestion, you’re a people connector. 

Your Soul Dies At The Idea Of 9-5

Does your soul run screaming from the idea of sitting in an office for 8+ hours a day? Yeah, it’s one of the free spirit characteristics of an entrepreneur. You need the freedom to think, to move, to explore. Not a schedule of pointless meetings for the sake of filling time. You KNOW. 

Admit It, You’re Usually In Charge

You’re the first to step back, but more times than not, you end up running things. From volunteer projects to work to planning girls night out, the activity might not even be your idea, but you’re the one who make it all work. Whether that's suggesting the right time and place or spearheading the organizing, you get it done so you can get back to doing what you love. 

Making A Difference Is Not A Choice, But Necessity

It’s not just a desire — it’s the way you live your life. Free-spirited entrepreneurs need to help others expand their horizons and embrace a more organic, fulfilling life. You know happiness comes from within and wish others could see it, too. You believe people are inherently kind and life’s experiences just get in their way. 

People Are Drawn To You

You’re lonely sometimes, but it’s not because your phone doesn’t ring. Free-spirited entrepreneurs attract people like bears to honey. Honestly, it gets overwhelming sometimes, doesn’t it? You’ve (hopefully!) learned to prioritize your me-time and family time. 

Your Brain Is Constantly Cycling Through Ideas 

It's not boring inside your head, that’s for sure. There’s always a new business idea, service, dinner plan, or trip idea swirling around in there. From new hobbies to a new life, you’re always experimenting and dreaming. Maybe it’s foraging, a unique storage solution, an expanded garden, a better business plan — you never sit still. Finishing those ideas is tough, though. 

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You Were A WILD Child

If people now had seen you in your teens or twenties, they would have run screaming! You were a wild child, but you don’t apologize for it. It happened, and you grew into the person you are now because of it. No shame. But yeah, we don’t need to relive it. 

You Know Your Sh$t

People know you know your stuff. When they introduce you to someone new, they talk excitedly about your calling, like they’re a proud parent or something. This gets a bit weird, but you know they’re trying to support you and spread the word about your mad skills. 

Does Any Of ^That ^ Hit Home?

If they do, you have the free spirit characteristics of a successful entrepreneur!

Money never comes first, and you know life’s crazy experiences helped make you who you are today.

You naturally attract and connect people and often need to shore up your boundaries to avoid draining you too much.

The 9-5 thing is a no-go because you need the freedom to try new things and experiment.

Finishing what you started is tough, but usually, because you have a better idea — or life gets in the way.

You don’t know much, but you’re a pro in your field, have had some crazy life experiences, and are sought after for advice.

And no matter what, you feel a primal urge to make the world a better place. 

Welcome to the club! 

You’re a blood member of a loud, funny, caring, and wild group of women who recognize the abundance life offers. You’re not afraid of feelings — or trying new things. 

The world needs your amazing free spirit characteristics. And more women like you!

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